Poetry Book- Words For Lips Too Busy Kissing, Human Writes


This book is one big confession. A neat drawer for the extensive mess in my head. An attempt to contain the explosion in my chest. It is every word I have ever left unsaid in fear of actually being heard. The love letter that I never sent. The ending that I never wrote. A heartfelt apology to the ones I never meant to hurt. It is every kiss I couldn’t give and every last embrace I never thought I’d always miss.

WORDS FOR LIPS TOO BUSY KISSING is just that- a masterfully crafted collection of poetry that brilliantly articulates what most of us wish we could say if our affections weren’t always getting in the way of our better judgement. In this book, I reflect on my own personal experiences to bring you a poetry book like none before it. My writing style blends rhythmical compositions, aesthetic layouts and carefully chosen diction to bring readers a tangible sense of resolution in the midst of so much confusion.

Premium, Perfect Bound Paperback
Dimensions: 7in x 9in

© Copyrighted by Human Writes